Mandate of the People
  • Authors: Margaret Atieno Ogola
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The year 2007 was coming to a close and the country was going into elections, once again without a new constitution. The attempt at changing the constitution had already taken some two decades, decades marred by strife, destruction and bloodshed. Whenever it appeared that the yearning of the people might at last be fulfilled, their leaders would find something to fight over or to disagree about ending in costly stalemates, the crowning of which was the fruitless referendum of November 2005, held to seek ratification of a draft constitution. That draft constitution was rejected at the referendum only served to further divide the country into ethnically polarised and politically irreconcilable camps.

The Authors

This Book is dedicated to the 2004-2008 ‘health’ team – Magdalene Kamau, Cavin Otieno, Titus M’Maeti, Pamela Wamalwa, Moses Muriuki and Christine Rono: a great team indeed; and to my brother Dr. Calisto Odongo who was there when needed.

‘Ajituliza kwake, Kasuku: hataki maneno;  anachopata kinamtosha: hataki matata.’

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