Basic Concepts in Ethics
  • Authors: Christine Gichure
  • ISBN: 9966-882-17-0
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Ethics has become a fashionable field of study. There has been a remarkable rise of interest in ethics particularly in the more developed countries over the last two decades or so. For instance, in the United States alone, the Congress was reported as having created an Ethics Commission to fix and defend certain trends of conduct. Why? Simply because there is that inner quest which urges human beings to seek those things that will satisfy their need for happiness and harmonious living. What must one do to be happy? What kind of conduct is required to have a society where people live together in harmony? How can you find happiness and satisfaction in your work? How does one develop sound ethical principles in business? The answer to these and other questions is the subject of discussion in this book. Basic Concepts in Ethics is principally addressed to university students studying philosophy. It is also intended to serve as groundwork for people interested in any field of professional ethics.

The Authors
Dr Christine Gichure studied Humanities and Social Sciences at the Universities of Nairobi, Rome and Navarre (Spain). Her book Etica de In Profesion Docente: Estudio lntroductorio a la Deontologia de la Educacion, published in Spain, (1995) delves into the interesting but yet unexplored field of ethics for professions of higher education. An English edition of this work is under preparation to be published locally. An educationist for nearly two decades, Dr Gichure has worked at the University of Nairobi and the United States International University (Africa). Currently she is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Kenyatta University.